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    There are a few different reasons you may have gotten this "invalid activation link" error while trying to reset your password:

    • Did you try to reset your password over 4 hours ago?  The password activation link expires after 4 hours, for security reasons.  Just re-try the password reset process and make sure to click the link within 4 hours.
    • Did you try to reset your password twice?  If you tried to reset your password twice, and clicked on the first email's activation link, it will be invalid.  Only the most recent "password reset" email link will be valid - click that link and your password will be reset properly.
    • Did you copy-paste the url correctly?  Double-check to make sure you copied it correctly; an incorrect url will give you this error message.  Copy-paste the correct url and it should work fine.


    The "Invalid Activation Link" error message may also be presented if you have been sent an invitation to join a Halo account by your site administrator:

    • Double-check that you copy/pasted the url correctly from the invitation to Halo.  An incorrect url will give you this error.  
    • The activation link may have been de-activated by a site-administrator and a new one may need to be sent. Contact your site-administrator - their name is included in your invitation email.

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