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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for reaching out - if I understand your question correctly, you want to know if you can allow your LabTech agent (and potentially other agents in the future) to make its own changes to the Halo-managed firewall.

    Unfortunately, you must explicitly enter your firewall changes through Halo - you cannot 'accept changes made' by another program. Reapplying the firewall rules will in fact overwrite the changes LabTech makes by reverting to the trusted firewall policy.

    What you will want to do is add firewall rules via Halo to your policy according to what LabTech needs - I'm not too familiar with LabTech's requirements but it looks like there is reference to necessary open ports in their documentation (again, would be better to ask them what the firewall requirements are, as I don't know much about using their specific software):

    This would be the process for installing any other software / agents on your servers that want to open up ports - you must explicitly create rules to open up ports on your firewall as needed.

    Hope that helps!

    - Tatiana

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    Ryan Thomas

    Hi Scott,

    in essence you are saying that you don't want to use Halo to manage your firewall. That is not a problem - just remove the firewall policy from the server group and Halo will not attempt to manage or prevent changes to your servers' firewall policies.

    Does that help?

    Ryan Thomas

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    Scott Higgins


    No I still want to use halo - I installed it on my 20 odd servers ages ago

    Its just that when I first installed labtech on the first server - I realised that halo was running and I got the message saying that the firewall has changed.whihc is fine

    Labtech added some lines to it

    I was hoping instead of ahving the message appear and stay there, that there would be a few options, such as ignore the warning, or update the settings to include it

    instead the only option was to reinstall

    Manageing servers and of course installing different software is always going to change the windows firewall somehow.  and I suppose I was hoping that there were other options when you get the message.

    I installed an MSI version of the software and it didnt change the firewall so everything fine now

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    Ryan Thomas

    Got it ~ good feedback for product enhancements, thanks!

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